• Boron-Calcium alkylamine
  • Non pH dependent
  • Low dependence of perspiration

Effective mobility


BOKAL is a specific formulate based on the stabilisation of boron-boron dimers (B-B) with calcium (Ca). By fine tuning of the stoichiometry of the boron-amino-oxygen-calcium rapport, a complex is obtained that is non pH dependent of mixture of application tank. It guarantees total absorption and translocation of all calcium that has been added, when physiologies related to its lack or poor mobility arise.


BOKAL forms a complex with boron dimers, which interacts extensively with calcium (II) and alkylamines which stabilise all the complex. The formation of the molecule is achieved by balancing the boron-amino-oxygen-calcium rapport. This exclusive formulate guarantees simultaneous mobility and availability of both Ca and B.


NNitrogen (N) total 6%, calcium (CaO) soluble 12%, boron (B) 0.7%, free of chloride (less than 0.5 g/L).

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