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Excellent phos


  • Patented humine extraction
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Phosphorous continuous complement

The most efficient phosphorous


This formulate has been designed based on phosphorous as orthophosphate, enriched with nitrogen and humic substances from leonhardite. Humines obtained by an exclusive process improve physic-chemical and biological features of soil, making available about 10 times more elements than traditional products. Thanks to its expansion ability, phosphorous can be absorbed immediately and efficiently by crop, so helping plants growing and developing conveniently.


Phosphorous acts in all plant processes, like rooting, flowering, fruit setting, etc. EXCELLENT phos composition impacts on soil by improving its physical, chemical and biological properties, thus increasing nutrient availability. This is due to its great ionic-interchange ability, what enhances phosphorous absorption directly from the product and preventing insolubilities.


Nitrogen (N) total 7%, phosphorous (P2O5) soluble 21%, humic extract total 7%.

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