• Potassium alkylamine
  • Fast size increase
  • Enhances quality and fruit appearance

Noticeable effectiveness


GROSTEN-K is a formulate which is free of nitrates, chlorides or other salts. It accelerates the systemic absorption of potassium (K) and nitrogen (N), in order to enhance fruit growing, development and quality (sugars, colour, stiffness, etc.).


GROSTEN-K have been formulated for potassium being rapidly and efficiently absorbed and also vehiculated. As a result, the fruit growing and development can be enhanced. The formulate contains one type of alkylamines that boost the potassium absorption. One end of the molecule interacts with the positive-charged potassium because holds a density of negative charge. Thanks to this interaction, potassium is able to pass through the cellular membrane by being vehiculated by alkylamines. Once inside, it is available for its use. Its application is recommended when demand increases, especially at fruit filling out.


Nitrogen (N) total 8%, nitrogen (N) ammoniacal 8%, potassium (K2O) soluble 25%, free of chlorides (less than 0.5 g/L).

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