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Protects epidermis Healing effect Prevents rot

Our production portfolio

Hilfe Agrotechnical classifies products by purpose

Blue specialty

We help keeping your crops healthy when facing external agents that could affect the normal plant development.

Green specialty

We offer specific nutrition with high efficiency and efficacy for top harvests and profitability of your crops.

Brown specialty

We afford diminishing the effect of some stresses from diseases while preserving biodiversity.

Yellow specialty

We develop other specific-action solutions in order to solve singular requirements.


Hilfe Agrotechnical includes research, development and manufacture of products


The best human crew is ready to help achieving your objectives; we are experienced specialists to cope supplying effortless both national and international markets.



We own a 9000 m2 industrial parcel where we can offer a rapid and efficient service to satisfy the demand of our clients.



Our scientists hold essays in both own and collaborator’s fields, in order to develop new formulates that might solve several problems and future needs.

Compromised with sustainability and social responsibility


Natural raw materials are used in productions, so we are able to design residual-free formulates with organic certifications from Ecocert and Sohiscert.


We do support our distributors and clients in order to help solving troubles, by applying what plant needs when it needs.


Hilfe we are altogether and everybody makes Hilfe. We do promote team-working under safety and wellness conditions, with respect and dignity, on the way to attain the best of every one.


We do cooperate with social organizations by connecting long-term relationships and retouring to society the benefits that previously we have gained.

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