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Hilfe Agrotechnical contributes and transmits knowledge in the fields of biochemistry, chemistry, vegetal physiology and agronomy. Our vocation is to ease the comprehension of our working philosophy and its scope.


German word HILFE = HELP originates the mission of our firm. Under this principle we do research and manufacture specific solutions for farmers, in order to fulfil current and future needs and requirements of agriculture.

  • EFFICACY, by answering clearly to several needs of the crops.
  • EFFICIENCY, by levering new technologies in our portfolio, in order to reduce application costs.
  • SUSTAINABILITY, based in specific and natural raw materials with low-impact for environment, farmers and consumer.

We wish you could find on Hilfe Agrotechnical the partner and collaborator to achieve better, more efficient and sustainable crops.

Research is the heart of our firm

R&D department of HILFE AGROTECHNICAL develops regularly new formulates to give answer to new problems and needs. To do so, we own essay fields, we create profitable links with universities and research centres and also make essays with clients.


To design and develop high-tech fertilisers in order to offer high yields, good quality, wellness harvests and sustainable crops.


To be a reference in the agrochemical business, specialized on high-tech fertilisers that improve crops while being sustainable.


Empathy, Cooperation, Leadership, Perseverance and Sustainability
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