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Rosilva Mg


  • Improves chlorophyll synthesis
  • High absorption
  • Prevents and fixes deficiencies


Enhances energy ability


ROSILVA Mg is a formulate based on a micronized solid dispersion, soluble in water, that contains magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe). It also includes special monosaccharides that complex micro-nutrients and activate absorption, for a better efficacy and efficiency of the application. It is mainly used to prevent and fix the lack of these nutrients. Moreover, good systemia by foliar spray and fertigation is featured.


Magnesium, complemented with iron, is the main constituent of chlorophyll. Performance of green leaves is enhanced and energy-transfer enzymes synthesis is improved. The effectiveness of ROSILVA Mg is based on in composition, that includes stabilisers, acidic and reductive agents, thus guaranteeing total absorption of nutrients.


Magnesium (MgO) soluble 12.5%, iron (Fe) soluble 2.5%.

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