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Rosilva Zn


  • High Zn concentration
  • High absorption
  • Total availability


Prevents and fixes deficiencies


ROSILVA Znn is a formulate based on a micronized solid dispersion, soluble in water, that contains zinc (Zn). It also includes special monosaccharides that complex the micro-nutrient and activate absorption, for a better efficacy and efficiency of the application. It is mainly used to prevent and fix the lack of this nutrient. Moreover, good systemia by foliar spray and fertigation is featured.


Zinc impact on plant growing, by acting as enzymatic co-factor in proteins and nucleic acids syntheses. ROSILVAmicro highlights its high zinc concentration and the reductive environment that stabilizes Zn2+ to enhance its absorption and intake.


Zinc (Zn) soluble 32%.

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