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Quality and Environment policy

HILFE AGROTECHNICAL is a firm that designs, formulates, manufactures and distributes high-tech fertilisers. Its objective is to offer the ability of ameliorating crops, increasing yields and quality, by respecting the environment. Its main goal is to assure the client satisfaction. To do so, it has adopted a philosophy to guarantee quality, preserve environment and maintain continuous improvement in its processes.

We attain mutual long-term success with our clients by means of:

EFFICACY, by answering clearly to several needs of the crops.

EFFICIENCY, by levering new technologies in our portfolio, in order to reduce application costs.

SUSTAINABILITY, based in specific and natural raw materials with low-impact for environment, farmers and consumers.

To do so, we develop:

  • Competitive products
  • Team relationships and flexibility
  • Confidence and safety promotion

This Policy is based on:

  • Manufacturing of high-yield products fitted to legislation, among a competitive market
  • Clear communication of objectives and strategies to employees and subcontractors
  • Employee’s responsibility in the quality of their work and policy compliance
  • Use of optimal technology through our design and production processes
  • Guarantee safety of employees and respect to environment
  • Continuous development of employees by means of formation, in order to promote and gain additional responsibilities
  • Put the maximal effort in continuous improvement
  • Minimize significative environmental aspects and prevention of spillage
  • The compromise to comply with legislation


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